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Terms & Conditions

Updated November 2012

Following recent legislative changes, we felt it was a good time to up date our terms and conditions. Being traders, and not manufacturers, our role is service based which is reflected in our Terms and Conditions.
Barnes Williams realise that your individual due diligence processes can only be based on a risk assessment of the whole supply chain, this forward is to remind our clients of our role within the Food industry, and reflects a balance of risk vs. client cost expectation. Our interventions are limited, such as replacing labels, and please note we are unable to offer the facilities to repack, or check products for foreign body contamination. We rely 100% on supplier GMP.
Our suppliers are audited by the BW team, or accredited auditors based on our own risk assessment to ensure their product safety systems meet our high standards, and we sample those products not supplied with the suppliers own certificates of analysis the square route plus one of the number of tonnes within a container, and send these off to a UKAS accredited laboratory. The samples are combined and tested for moisture, and TVC’s, or where specified, clients agreed limits. Wet and Freeze Dried items, Heat treated Herbs, and Spray dried Tomato are NOT sampled.
As a minimum once a year we draw random samples for tests such as heavy metals, banned colours, pesticides etc as appropriate to the product risk. The only time we diverge from this testing regime is for exceptions such as “at risk items” (e.g. Chilli and Paprika are heavily tested prior to release), or to verify an anomalous test result.
With the above processes, we believe we are able to demonstrate a level of due diligence on which our customers can build and decide their own individual levels of Food safety system. Please ensure you have accordingly read and agreed to, our terms and conditions, and thoroughly assessed our specifications before placing orders with us.
Thanks in advance for reading our updated T&C’s, please feel free to contact myself or any of the team at Barnes Williams with any queries or comments.
Nick Barnes
Managing Director

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